Non-Profit Associations & Foundations

Non-Profit Associations & Foundations include local community and voluntary groups, registered charities both large and small, foundations, trusts and the growing number of social enterprises and co-operatives. These organizations share common characteristics in the social, environmental or cultural objectives they pursue; their independence from government; and in the re-investment of surpluses for those same objectives.

Non-Profit Associations & Foundations are governed essentially by their statute and that is where we start when you hire us. Statutes may be old and may be new. Our first task will be to confirm that your foundation actually doing what the founder of the foundation intended. We will leave our Auditor's Report to Non-Profit Associations & Foundations at an annual meeting or a congress so that the members will hear a different voice in addition to the one of the Board.

We keep constant track of new rules and we have extensive experience in the issues that tend to pop up around Non-Profit Associations & Foundations.

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