Faris & Co. is lucky to have partners from different backgrounds and continues to welcome distinguished and professional partners to join in through fair mergers that provide a competitive edge for the successful small and medium firms. We are establishing a wide network of branches to cover the major cities of the UAE and offer peace of mind to our partners and our staff with a wide range of rewards, benefits, privileges and continuous development.


Elias Shomali, CPA , CBA, CIA

Technical Partner
  • Member of AICPA, IIA, and BAI.
  • Awarded the Honorable Mention Achievement Award in CBA examination.
  • Ranked first-highest scores in the Middle East and Europe, and third-highest all over the world and USA.
    More than 20 years of experience in public accounting as a Regional Principal with Deloitte & Touche.
  • Specialized in the fields of: Banking, Financing, and Insurance, Contracting and Manufacturing,
    General, Trading and services, Government, Hospitals, and Pharmacies International financed
    projects I.D.A/U.N.D.P/World Bankprojects I.D.A/U.N.D.P/World Bank

Kamel Al Harbawi


Kamel Al Harbawi has more than 16 years of experience within the fields of Finance and Audit.

Before joining Faris & Co in 2001 as a Senior Auditor and Partner, Al Harbawi spent 4 years as a Senior Auditor at Al Ittihad Public Accountants and 5 years as an Auditor at Saba & Co (Deloitte & Touch).

Al Harbawi took his Bachelor of Economics and Administrative sciences in 1991 and is nowadays studying for a CMA.

Al Harbawi continuously demonstrates his ability to lead and perform financial and operational audits throughout the organization, which includes the evaluation of key internal controls over financial reporting to assess whether they are adequately designed, executed, effective or adaptive. Kamel is being an active member of IMA.